Business Insurance

Home Insurance

The urge to protect our homes, the place where we lay our heads and raise our children, is universal. Amino helps keep the castle safe and sound with comprehensive coverage that guards against theft, fire and storm damage.

We also insure other properties, including apartments, condos, mobile homes and property owned by your business. Ask your agent for multiple homeowners insurance quotes.

MIG insures personal and commercial vehicles, as well as motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats and more. Ask us about our good driver, student, and senior discounts.

Auto Insurance

If you own a business, you’ve got enough on your mind without worrying about what will happen if an employee is injured on the job or your roof is damaged in a storm.

MIG helps you minimize your risk with a comprehensive array of products designed just for business:  general liability, workers compensation, group health insurance – even special coverage for home businesses. 


Homeowners Insurance Quotes