Why do I need commercial insurance in Greeley?

The Greeley, CO area can be a great place for someone that would like to start a business and be their own boss. When you are going to start a business in this area of Colorado, you will quickly find that there is a lot of opportunity for professional success. To ensure that your business is covered and protected as well as possible, you need to obtain a quality commercial insurance plan. You need to have this coverage for a few reasons.

Coverage is Required for Most Businesses

A reason that you will need to get a commercial insurance plan when you are in this area of Colorado is that it is required for most businesses. Those that are going to start a business will likely need to take out a loan to grow the company, lease office space, or even raise outside capital. In almost all of these scenarios, you will have contractual insurance obligations that need to be met.

Insurance Will Protect Company

You should always have commercial coverage for your business even if it is not required for you to have it. When you get a commercial coverage plan, it will give you coverage to protect your business assets and will offer great liability protection. In either of these situations, you will get the coverage you need to keep your business solvent during difficult times.

You should always look for ways to protect your Greeley, CO business. If you would like to do this with a commercial policy, it would be helpful for you to call Maanen Insurance Group. The team with the Maanen Insurance Group understands the value that comes with this coverage. They can give the help you need to build a policy ideal for your situation. 

Most Common Home Insurance Claims Filed in Colorado

The most frequently filed home policy claims provide a guide for how you can reinforce your home to be heartier, so Maanen Insurance Group serving Greeley, CO wants you to know what causes individuals to need to file claims here in Colorado. Your home does not have to incur damage although named perils still occur.

In Colorado, five named perils likely cause damage to your home:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Water

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other strong winds cause damage to your home. Hail also causes damage, stemming from thunderstorms. These storms cause average damage of $11,200. Roof damage tops the type of damage caused by these storms. The wind blows shingles off of the roof; hail knocks the shingles off or knocks dings and holes into the roof. You can have your roof reinforced after a roofing inspection. This adds a layer of protection to your home that makes it tougher for wind or hail to damage it.

Lightning also causes similar damage to roofs but also spawns fires. While this ranks as the second most common type of damage, it costs more. Fire damage claims cost nearly $80,000 on average. Fire damages the exterior and interior of the home as well as destroying property inside. You can add fire retardant protections to the inside and outside your home, including fire-resistant wallboard and paint.

The last most common damage type is water damage.  This occurs from snowmelt, rain, plumbing leaks, and burst pipes. The tears in your roof allow snowmelt or rain to enter the attic area or top floor if you have no attic. This causes damage to the home itself and the items inside. Conducting appropriate maintenance on your plumbing can help alleviate pipe bursts and related issues. The aforementioned roof reinforcement helps to prevent water damage from snowmelt and rain.

Learn more about how you can hazard proof your home by contacting Maanen Insurance Group serving Greeley CO and the surrounding area. Let us help you protect your home with homeowner’s insurance.

Do Colorado businesses need commercial insurance?

The Greeley, CO area continues to be a great place for someone to start a small business. This area of the state has a great economy and tends to support small businesses. If you are going to start a company when you are here, getting insurance for it is important. There are many reasons why the typical business in this area of the state will need to have a commercial insurance plan. 

Stakeholders Require Coverage

A reason that many businesses in Colorado will have to get a commercial insurance plan is that it could be required by their stakeholders. If you would like to start a business, taking out a loan or raising capital from the outside is a great way to fuel growth. When you do this, your investors and lenders will want to ensure your company is properly protected. They normally will have commercial insurance requirements that need to be met at all times.

Coverage Can Help Protect Solvency

Another reason that you should get a commercial insurance plan is that it can help to protect the solvency of your organization. If you have started a company, you will want to protect its solvency the best that you can. With a commercial insurance plan, you can receive the coverage you need to repair or replace company assets or to mitigate insurance risk. 

Anyone that would like to start a business in the Greeley, CO area will need to get a commercial insurance plan. Those that would like to get this coverage when they are in Colorado should call the Maanen Insurance Group. The insurance team with the Maanen Insurance Group understands the value of this coverage. They can help you build a plan that will properly protect your company in the future. 

Three mistakes to avoid when you purchase flood insurance in Colorado

Homeowners in Greeley, CO need to purchase flood insurance to protect the financial investments they make in their properties. We can provide flood insurance to you at Maanen Insurance Group.

The following are three mistakes to avoid when you purchase flood insurance in Colorado.

Being unaware of your property’s flood risk

One of the most important things you need to do when you’re shopping for flood insurance is look up the flood zone and flood risk of your property. The flood risk in your area should give you an idea of what you should expect to pay for your flood insurance premiums.

The more at risk you are to experience flooding at your property, the higher your flood insurance premiums will be. 

Failing to explore FEMA subsidized options

If you’re in a high-risk flood zone, you might find that flood insurance coverage options are unaffordable. In certain high-risk areas, you might not even be able to get standard flood insurance. However, you may be able to get FEMA subsidized coverage if you are in a high-risk area. 

Do your research and find out about FEMA sponsored resources when you’re looking for coverage. 

Buying an inadequate amount of coverage

If you don’t invest in enough coverage, you could be financially devasted by a flood. Calculate the coverage amount you need carefully. Ideally, you want to have enough coverage to fully insure both your property and your possessions. 

Contact us today if you’re interested in exploring your flood insurance options in Greeley, CO. We’re here to offer you information about flood insurance in Colorado at Maanen Insurance Group. 

When is flood insurance needed in Colorado?

If you live in the Greeley, CO area and are going to purchase a home, it is important that you get the right type of insurance coverage in place. One important form of insurance coverage that people here often need is flood insurance. There are several situations when someone in this area of Colorado will need to get a flood insurance policy. 

When in a Flood Zone

One situation when you will need to have flood insurance is when your home is located in a flood zone. There are several areas around the state of Colorado that have a higher risk of flood. Those that are in a high-risk zone and take out a mortgage to buy the home will likely be required to carry flood insurance at all times. Many lenders will also require that you escrow for payments each month.

When Wanting More Coverage

You will also want to get a flood insurance policy when you want more coverage for your home. In many situations, flood damage will not be covered by your home policy. If you are concerned about the significance of flood damage, you will want to get an additional flood insurance policy that will provide protection if your home is damaged. 

If you are in the market for a new insurance policy in Greeley, CO, it would be a good idea to speak with someone that understands this unique type of coverage. The team at Maanen Insurance Group can help you understand if you need to get flood insurance and how it can protect you. Maanen Insurance Group can then help you build a policy that will offer the protection that you need to stay in compliance with all of your requirements and give you peace of mind. 

Is auto insurance a necessity in Greeley?

If you are a resident of Greeley, CO, or the surrounding areas, you will find that it is much easier to get around and complete daily tasks if you own a car. When you are a car owner here, there are some responsibilities that go along with it. One task that all people need to take seriously revolves around getting auto insurance. There are several reasons why it is necessary that you get a proper auto insurance policy when you are here. 

Insurance is a Legal Requirement

When driving a car, there is always a chance that you could cause an accident. If this occurs and you are at fault, you may find that paying for the necessary damages is expensive. Due to this, having auto insurance is a good idea as it will provide you with liability protection. Additionally, the state of Colorado requires that all car owners here carry auto insurance as the liability component ultimately protects all drivers on the road.

Insurance is a Lender Requirement

Another reason that having auto insurance is often a necessity is that it could be a lender requirement. If you take out a car loan, the lender will want to ensure that their collateral is protected until the loan is paid off. Due to this, the lender will undoubtedly require that you carry a full collision and comprehensive policy as it will protect against a variety of situations that could result in a loss.

If you are looking for auto insurance in the Greeley, CO area, you should call the Maanen Insurance Group. The insurance team at the Maanen Insurance Group is experienced when it comes to helping people better understand their insurance needs and choose an appropriate policy that will offer the right type and level of coverage. 

House Cleaning Tips for Winter

Cleaning your home for winter can save on energy costs and double work due to dust and debris buildup. The Maanen Insurance Group wants you to know that in Greeley, CO, you should start cleaning your home before winter, and here are you a few tips to help you get started.


Although you may regularly clean out the inside of the refrigerator, you may forget to clean the outside. The refrigerator coils are either located on the back or the bottom, depending on what type of fridge you own. Once you locate them, vacuum the dirt and debris from the coils. You may need to use a damp cloth to get some of the stubborn dirt off. If these coils go uncleaned, it can cause your refrigerator to work harder using more energy and decreasing the life of your appliance.


It’s a good time to clean your windows and glass doors before it gets too cold. Use a bucket of soapy water to clean your glass and once it dries, go over it with a window cleaning solution. A natural solution is a water mixed with vinegar and lemon juice.

Air Filters

Replace your air filters so that your home’s air continues to stay clean and fresh. The size of the filter is written in the old one. Just pull it out and replace it with a new one. You can find air filters at your local home improvement stores or online. Replacing the filters will also keep the dust level down, so you won’t have to vacuum or dust your furniture as often.

Do a deep clean before winter starts, so you can enjoy the season and if you’re in Greeley, CO, you can stop by Maanen Insurance Group to see what types of insurance coverage you can get for your home.

Who should get flood insurance?

If you are a property owner in the Greeley, CO area you can enjoy a wide range of long-term benefits. For those that do own their own property here, it continues to be very important to get the right insurance in place. One form of insurance that should be considered if you live here is flood insurance. There are a variety of situations when someone here should get flood insurance for their home in Greeley.

When Required by Lender

One situation when you should get flood insurance is when it is required by your lender. Mortgage lenders are well aware of the value that is provided by a flood insurance policy. Due to this, they want to ensure that people who are at risk of flood damage will have the coverage and protection in place that they need. If you are located in a flood zone, there is a very good chance that your lender will require that you carry full insurance at all times. 

When Looking to Protect Home

Another reason that you should get flood insurance is that it can help to protect your home. Depending on if you have a mortgage or the type of mortgage that you have, getting flood insurance may not be a lender requirement. However, you should still obtain this coverage if you want to protect your property as well as possible.

Ultimately, getting flood insurance can be a great option for anyone that wants to protect their home against the potential damage that could come with a flood. If you are going to get this insurance here in the Greeley, CO area, you should contact the Maanen Insurance Group. At the Maanen Insurance Group, you can learn a lot more about your options when it comes to flood insurance. 

5 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for a Disaster

Disaster prep is an important aspect of growing a business. In addition to insuring your Greeley, CO business with commercial coverage from Maanen Insurance Group, there are measures you can take to prepare for a disaster. Advanced preparation could be the key to keeping your business going after a major disaster.

Create a Disaster Plan

Create a disaster plan that addresses such issues as a chain of command, employee responsibilities, business operations if your workplace is compromised, evacuation routes, communications, and more. Your plan should outline procedures for continuing after a disaster. Your employees should be familiar and comfortable with these procedures to avoid delays in implementation.

Develop a Plan for Communicating After a Crisis

Develop a plan for communicating with your employees and customers after a disaster. Make sure someone is in charge of checking on the health and safety of your employees. A team should also be in charge of communicating with customers to keep them informed on the status of your business. This could be done through emails, social media or press releases.

Back-Up Essential Business Data

Make sure you have copies of essential business documents stored in a safe, off-site location as well as in the cloud. This includes employee and customer data, payroll information, tax forms, insurance forms and other essential data.

Review Commercial Coverage

Review your commercial insurance policy often to ensure you have adequate coverage. As your business grows, you may need to adjust your coverage to keep up with the needs of your enterprise.  

Set Up a Disaster Fund

Set up a disaster fund to help cover payroll and urgent business expenses in case your business isn’t able to generate income for days or weeks following a disaster.

To purchase commercial insurance to protect your Greeley, CO business from disasters, contact Maanen Insurance Group.

Importance of Updating Your Home Insurance

Like many homeowners, you may be in the habit of renewing your home insurance annually without taking time to review your policy. Home insurance, however, needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure your coverage is up to date. Changes in your home structure or personal lifestyle could alter your coverage, making it less effective in protecting your Greeley, CO property. By discussing home upgrades or lifestyle changes with your Maanen Insurance Group agent, you’ll have a better idea of when it’s necessary to update your policy. 

Home Renovations

Major home upgrades like a new back patio or kitchen remodel can increase your home’s value. If you insured your Greeley, CO home at a lower rate, you’ll need to increase your dwelling coverage to ensure your home is fully protected against any eventuality. Otherwise, you could be caught short in the event of a total loss. You’ll also need to add renovations to your coverage so they’ll be protected against damage or loss.

Some renovations like a new roof or upgrades in your electrical or plumbing system could qualify you for a discount on your home insurance as they lower your risk of water or fire damage. You can discuss possible discounts with your agent when you update your policy.

New Furniture/Appliances

If your renovations include the purchase of costly electronics or an upgrade in major appliances, you may need to increase the limits of your property coverage to protect these investments against theft or loss. By getting replacement cost coverage for valuable goods, you’ll be compensated for their full value if they are stolen or destroyed in a covered peril.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes like retirement, getting a dog or downgrading your home can also alter your home insurance or affect its cost. To update your policy and maintain the protection you need, contact Maanen Insurance Group today.