Protect Your Greeley CO Business with a Comprehensive Commercial Policy

Business owners in the Greeley, CO area have long relied on Maanen Insurance Group for their comprehensive commercial insurance needs. If you are a business owner and want to review your current policy, or if you are just getting started, we are here to help! Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to help our clients protect their commercial interests. 

Benefits of a Comprehensive Commercial Policy

When you opt for a comprehensive commercial policy you are taking steps that will protect your business in the event of a covered event. A basic policy may help in some situations, but in most cases, they just don’t provide the coverage that businesses need. Property and equipment protection, liability, injury, and business interruption coverage are just a few of the ways that an appropriate policy can protect all of your hard work. 

Working with a dedicated business insurance team allows you to focus on your work. If you want to sleep easy knowing that your business has the protection it needs, it makes sense to sit down with a local agent and review your policy options. Choosing the correct coverage levels is also an important step in securing the most appropriate policy for your company. A robust commercial policy can protect you and your business and help you get back on your feet after a covered event.

Owning a business takes a lot of hard work and dedication, it only makes sense to have the necessary coverage in place to protect it! Find out more today and make sure your business is safe. Don’t wait until you’ve experienced a catastrophic event to review your policy. Call the team at Maanen Insurance Group today and let us help you protect your Greeley, CO business. 

Importance of Flood Insurance

One thing we know living in the Centennial State, Mother Nature can sometimes prove a temperamental parental unit, and you do not need to live in Colorado to understand the extensive damage that can be caused by flooding.  While flooding is not necessarily a regular factor for residents of Greeley CO, flooding does occur and many people, in the aftermath of such an occurrence, are shocked to find that their normal homeowner’s coverage does not cover flood damage.  If you are worried about the possible implications and costs of being uncovered for flood damage, we are standing by at Maanen Insurance Group to discuss your options.

Importance of Flood Insurance in Greeley, CO

When it comes to needing flood insurance, not everyone will necessarily find themselves in the same situation.  Specifically, flood insurance coverage is offered via a federal program known as the National Flood Insurance Program. 

The aim of this 50-year government program is, according to the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) website, “to reduce the impact of flooding on private and public structures by providing affordable insurance to homeowners, renters, and businesses.”  Additionally, the program works to encourage communities to adopt and enforce floodplain management regulations.

As a Greeley, CO area resident we’re standing by with information and flood insurance policies tailored to your specific circumstances and needs.  You never want to start thinking about insurance after a disaster, so contact our knowledgeable staff for the information you need to make an informed decision today.

Maanen Insurance Group for Your Flood Insurance Needs

We welcome you to contact our friendly staff to start discussing your flood insurance needs in Greeley, CO.  As mentioned, everyone’s situation is different when it comes to getting flood insurance, so come on in and we can tailor the flood insurance policy designed to meet your exacting requirements.

Protecting Your Business From Crimes With Commercial Insurance

There is so much that goes into running a business. When you are starting up a business, or just trying to keep the lights on after many years, it is important to keep any risk exposures at bay. One of the big risk exposures that you face as a business is in the crime space. All it takes is one criminal act and you can be wiped out of your data, your inventory, or something else entirely. When you are a business, the way to protect yourself in this space is not just with a security system, but also with crime insurance.

Crime insurance is something that not every business carries but should be a part of your overall commercial insurance coverage package you are purchasing. Crime insurance is going to help to protect your business in the event you are hit with criminal activity.

So what exactly can crime insurance help you with from a coverage perspective? When you re talking about crime insurance, one of the things that can help you is to protect you in the event you are robbed of actual cash, funds.  

Crime insurance goes beyond just money though, protecting you from the loss or theft of securities as well as assets. This can include theft that is carried out by an employee of your company, or theft through fraud by third parties such s forgery.  

You work so hard to get your business up and running, stable. You build up a brand that is reputable to customers. The last thing you want is for a criminal act to take everything down. With your Greeley, CO business, take all risk exposures seriously. Work with the team at the Maanen Insurance Group to explore crime insurance options in more detail today.

Am I Liable if my Dog Gets Out and Causes an Accident?

Maanen Insurance Group offers residents of Greeley, CO the highest quality of service when it comes to homeowners’ insurance and other types of coverage. Customers who have pets often have questions about any liability they may experience if their pet causes an accident or bites someone who comes onto the property. The agents have the answers and can assist clients with finding the right coverage for their needs.

Secure Your Property 

If your dog gets out of your home or yard and causes an accident, you will be liable for any damage or injuries that were caused. If you have a fence around your party, it’s important to make sure your property is secure. This involves making sure there are no holes or weaknesses in the fence that surrounds your property. You should also post a "Beware of Dog" sign on your property to let guests know a dog lives there.

Maintain Control of Your Pet

It is also extremely important that you maintain control of your pet at all times. This means that when your dog is outside of the confines of your fence, it is secured on a leash. Many states now have leash laws that make it mandatory for your dog to be on a leash at all times when it is away from your property.

If you live in Greeley, CO and have questions about how to protect your self from various forms of liability, especially that which is associated with your pets, call and talk to the agents of Maanen Insurance Group. Speaking with your agent will ensure that you have the right type of coverage for your home. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Inventory?

Having a business means that certain precautions need to be taken to prevent loss as a result of certain hazards. One major concern that many retail businesses have is protecting valuable inventory. Without protection for inventory on hand, it can spell disaster in some instances. 

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Inventory?

In most cases, good commercial insurance will cover non-perishable inventory on the premises where there is coverage in place. However, there are cases where perishable inventory needs to be covered by a special type of insurance, or by an add on to the original policy. If there are certain circumstances where there is a risk of loss to perishable inventory, it should be addressed when shopping for a commercial policy. Always use a professional when searching for a policy that fits the business’s particular needs to avoid mishaps and issues later on. 

Finding The Right Policy

There are many types of commercial insurance policies on the market, but not all of them are alike. Consult with an insurance professional and explain what items need to be covered and what type of inventory is on hand. You can choose from various options to ensure inventory is adequately insured. Anyone who is currently looking for a commercial insurance policy should consult with Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO. We will work one on one with clients to help build a solid layer of protection against large and small threats. 

Don’t take chances shopping for insurance without the assistance of insurance professionals. Call or stop by Maanen Insurance Group if you have a business near Greeley, CO and let our agents assist you with getting high-quality comprehensive coverage. 

Potential Forms of Flood Damage

Floodwaters can create far more than just water damage to belongings and wallboard. It can cause mold, mildew, and require air and HVAC treatment of the ductwork. This blog from Maanen Insurance Group of Greeley, CO explains the types of damage flooding can cause and the appropriate professional to call for cleanup.

Water Damage

Water damage can happen in several ways. Pipes might burst, or plumbing or appliances can back up. Rains and winds can cause damage from severe storms. An accident can cause a hole in the ceiling that allows water infiltration. There is a variety of ways that water can cause issues.

The damage is not merely the water stains on furniture, walls, drapes, etc. You can also sustain the following:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Debris and spores in the HVAC

That probably sounds gross, but a typical standard home policy, also known as an HO-3, covers your damage and repairs whether it was caused by snowmelt, water overflow discharge, or your water heater giving out. You usually also have coverage if your damage came from frozen pipes. If you chose an HO-1 or HO-8, the coverage is more limited. You still need to conduct the cleanup, even if you have to pay out-of-pocket because of the health dangers to you and your family.

Cleaning It Up

Cleaning up after the flood requires hiring a professional. These individuals use special equipment like industrial fans to dry the area. They will also use high-powered vacuums to clean out the HVAC system in your home, ensuring no flood debris or mold spores remain in your ductwork.

They also dry and sanitize all the salvageable items. You separate the damaged items from the rest of your belongings. The professional cleaners dry the piece thoroughly, then use an industrial-grade sanitizing liquid to remove all traces of mold and mildew.

You may lose a few keepsakes if the water damage is too egregious. Some items cannot be saved.

If the water damaged the home’s walls, the cleanup crew might have to demolish the existing walls and rebuild them. Particleboard molds and mildews easily. Water can seep through it and cause mold and mildew inside the wall. This creates a serious health risk. The cleanup team tests the interior of the walls for mold and mildew. If present, they conduct drying and sanitizing before replacing your particleboard.

Check with Maanen Insurance Group of Greeley, CO before you phone a cleanup crew. We can help you speed the process by advising you on which cleanup services accept our insurance and by beginning your insurance claim immediately. Call Maanen today to learn more about how home insurance protects you from a flooded water heater or the snow that broke through your ceiling.

Important tips to keep in mind when buying flood insurance

There are several factors to consider when buying a flood insurance policy

Does the community I live in participate in the National Flood Insurance Policy?

NFIP only offers the flood policy to participating communities through the federal government. At our agency in Greeley, CO, we do not experience much flooding. However, flood damage can still happen anywhere in Colorado. Flooding can result from storms or snow melting, resulting in significant damage that would cost a lot of money for renovations and replacement. It is prudent to keep an inventory of the items in the house to be prepared when disaster strikes.

What is covered by the flood insurance policy?

The flood insurance policy covers the house and personal property, including furniture and electronic equipment, among others. When buying a flood insurance policy, you will have the options of coverage for the building only, coverage of the contents of building only, or both building and its contents.

What are the flood policy limits?

It is vital to take note of the limits available on a standard policy. This ensures that you pick a policy that will be suitable for you. Where you need extra coverage, we will offer you an excess flood policy. Maanen Insurance group agents in Greeley, CO can help advise you on what best suits your needs.

What is the flood policy waiting period?

There is a 30-day waiting period for a flood policy or before changes to an existing policy are made. It is advisable to take the policy before severe weather is experienced in your area.

What is the cost of a flood insurance policy?

This will dramatically depend on the location of your home. High-risk properties may cost you higher as the likely risk of flooding is greater. While a flood policy may be expensive, it will be a lifesaver once your property is damaged.

Visit us at Maanen Insurance group in Greeley, CO, where our professional agents will advise you further on our products. A review of your existing policy can also be done based on the changes you would prefer.


The Benefits of Drivers’ Education for Teenagers

The agents of Maanen Insurance Group offer auto insurance to residents in and around Greeley, CO. Families, who have teenagers who are reaching the legal age to drive, often look to them for advice when it comes to adding their teens to their insurance policies. Drivers’ Education classes are usually recommended for the benefits they offer.

Hands-On Experience

Drivers’ Education classes offer teenagers and adults, an opportunity to gain hands-on experience behind the wheel of a car. By driving with an instructor, they can learn how to handle a vehicle in a variety of road conditions and be put in real-life situations that allow them to learn firsthand.

Opportunity to Learn the Laws of the Road

Drivers’ Education offers teenagers classroom time in which they are able to learn the laws of the road. This gives teachers a chance to evaluate the teenager’s progress to ensure they are grasping a full understanding of the material being presented to them both in the classroom and on the road.

Safety Lessons

Drivers’ Education also offers lessons on safe driving and how to maintain your vehicle correctly. They are taught how to react in certain situations and helpful ways to possibly avoid being in an accident.

In Greeley, CO, the agents of Maanen Insurance Group work with parents to ensure their teenage drivers understand the rules of the road and how to drive safely and appropriately. If you have questions about Drivers’ Education or insurance in general, contact an agent today. They will give you the answers you need and will help you get the right auto insurance policy to cover your entire family.


Does Home Insurance Cover A Detached Garage?

Obtaining home insurance is a must when you’re in Greeley, CO. It ensures that you have protection over your home and everything that’s in it. If you have a detached garage, it’s essential to know that it is adequately protected. At Maanen Insurance Group, we can make sure you have a policy that is built specifically for your needs.

What does home insurance include?

Home insurance policies are innately the same, at first. They include coverage of:

  • Your home
  • The belongings in your home
  • Liability

Depending on the policy, it may or may not include other structures on your property, such as a detached garage. This is why it’s critical that you ensure that it is covered. Otherwise, if it is damaged in a storm, a fire, or something else, it may be your financial responsibility to repair it.

Whether the garage was there when you bought the home or it was recently built, you have to be sure that the insurance company states that it’s covered as part of your policy. Otherwise, claims involving the detached garage can be denied.

What are insurance add-ons?

Some add-ons can be included in your home insurance policy to provide customization. This allows you to include other structures on your property, higher levels of coverage for expensive belongings, and even different types of damage, such as wind or flooding.

To ensure that your home insurance policy includes your detached garage and anything else that may be on your property, you can use insurance add-ons to build the policy to your specifications.

When you’re ready to customize a home insurance policy in Greeley, CO, contact us at Maanen Insurance Group. One of our knowledgeable insurance agents will provide recommendations and help you to build a policy.


Clean Up Tips for After a Flood

Clean-Up Tips for After a Flood

Maanen Insurance Group knows your Greeley, CO home means a lot to you. When a rising water event floods your home, you need to take action immediately to save yourself, your family, and your property. While your flood insurance will reimburse you for the damages, some items just aren’t replaceable, such as antiques your parents passed down to you.

You need a way to save them from the aftermath of the floodwaters – the mold and the mildew. This blog teaches you the steps to take after a flood for cleanup and debris removal as well as mold and mildew treatment.

The quicker you can begin to save your home and its items, the better your outcome. You cannot return until authorities have said it is okay to re-enter the area. Once you can go home though, follow these steps to attempt to prevent mold growth. 

  1. Hire a professional mold remediator or a flood clean up expert. These specialists have the equipment, sanitizers, and bacterial treatments that can rid your home of mold, mildew, and prevent it from developing.
  2. Before the specialists arrive, prevent the spread of mold and mildew by moving items that didn’t get wet outside. Keep them in the sunlight as long as possible, so long as the forecast holds no rain. Also, remove the flooded items you want to salvage, but place them in other areas of the yard, so they can begin to dry.
  3. Remove as much flood water as possible using buckets and mops. You can use a sump pump if you have one. Sweep out as much dirt, mud, and debris as possible.
  4. Use any dehumidifiers, fans or heaters you have to start the drying process. Ventilate your home by opening the windows if it is not humid outside.
  5. Remove wet carpet and its padding because once it gets saturated, it cannot be saved. It will develop mold if you leave it in place, so just rip it out. This prepares your home for the flood and a mold remediation expert to visit.
  6.  The remediation experts will test your drywall to determine if it needs replacement. If inundated during the flood, they will cut away the drywall from one foot above the flood line down. Mold cannot be cleaned and removed from porous materials. They’ll dispose of the cutaway drywall and replace it with new. They’ll do the same with wall paneling damaged in the flood.
  7. The remediation crew will also remove damaged insulation. 
  8. The remediation crew completely dries and sanitizes your home. 
  9. Have new materials installed.
  10. Show the flooded items you’d like to try to save to the remediation team. They’ll show you what they can do to remove mold and mildew but know in advance that some items cannot be saved.

Maanen Insurance Group wants you ready for any hazard that could hit your Greeley, CO home. Floods happen everywhere. While flood insurance reimburses you for your loss and helps pay for remediation, you’ll need to help the remediators get started. Contact us as soon as the flood occurs, so we can help you.