Does Home Insurance Cover Damage Caused By Wild Animals?

The terms and conditions of insurance policies are detailed and require an in-depth understanding of insurance protection. That is why it is essential to work with a skilled, professional insurance agent. They can answer all of your questions and help you find coverage that protects you from a variety of threats. For example, you may need protection from wild animals that may cause property damage if you live in certain parts of the country. An agent can help you find the policy that matches your needs in that situation.

Wild Animal Property Damage

In some parts of the country, damage as a result of wild animals is a common occurrence. Luckily, most home insurance policies cover wild animal damage as long as the animals is not a rodent such as rats and mice. Other common animals such as bears, deer, opposing, and raccoons can cause damage that is covered by a home insurance policy. To determine if a particular insurance policy provides wild animal damage protection, consult with your insurance agent before purchasing a policy.

Working With An Agent

If you are located in an area where wild animals are plentiful, you should make sure that you have an agent who is familiar with home insurance coverage that includes damage as a result of wild animals. Residents who live in and around the Greeley, CO area, should check out Maanen Insurance Group to get policy options and find out more about the limits of coverage as a result of animal damages. 

If you live in an area that is known for claims as a result of wild animals, then you should consult Maanen Insurance Group for more details about policy options. They proudly serve the residents of Greeley, CO and the surrounding areas. Call or stop by for more details.  

Protect Your Business from Slip and Fall Claims

Our commercial clients understand that just one accident can have a significant negative impact on their bottom line, even if they have years of accident-free history. One slip and fall claim can cause more than a headache, and it’s important to protect your business’s bottom line from nuisance claims. If you own a business and are unsure if you have adequate coverage to protect your Greeley, CO area interests from a slip and fall claim, contact Maanen Insurance Group today. We can review your current policy and make sure that you have the protection you need should a claim be brought against you.

Slip and Fall Claim Coverage is a Necessity

With a comprehensive policy, you can protect your commercial interests from slip and fall and other claims. There is no reason for an accident to have a detrimental effect on your business and erase years of your hard work. Don’t be vulnerable to frivolous lawsuits that start out as just a headache and turn into serious issues. There are a lot of dishonest people who won’t think twice about taking advantage of a situation when given the opportunity.

Protect your assets with a policy that can minimize your company’s liability in the event of a mishap or accident. There are commercial insurance policies available that go beyond simply protecting your building and property and also help to protect your bottom line. If your current policy has gaps in coverage and doesn’t provide adequate protection for your needs, we can help you find one that does. With the many options available there’s no reason to go without full coverage.

Don’t put off protecting your Greeley, CO area business from slip and fall and other nuisance claims. Contact Maanen Insurance Group today and schedule a policy review consultation.

The History Of Flood Insurance

Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO, offers flood insurance policies, to Colorado residents. 


Congress enacted laws, The Swamp Lands Act, which gave the title of swamp lands to the states to maintain productive agriculture use and the Flood Control Act was enacted to control irrigation and address the management of water. The killing of 415 people as a result of the Ohio River Flood is but one example which required flood management control, and catastrophic floods nationwide required a more sophisticated approach.

Flood insurance naturally developed based on the mechanics of federal flood control.   The Federal Emergency Management Act (aka FEMA) is under the Department of Homeland Security.  FEMA’s purpose is to organize the state and local resources in response to disasters after the governor declares a state of emergency. Individuals who face flooding disasters seek aid through FEMA flood insurance which controls The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP),  which provides economical insurance homeowners, businesses and renters. The NFIP works with communities to manage and enforce floodplain management regulations, and it can not exceed $250,000 for your home’s structure and $100,000 for your personal property. If your damages are above these limits private flood insurance, underwritten by lending institutions, is permitted.


On September 9, 2013, of the 64 counties in Colorado, 14 counties were affected by catastrophic flooding over a 200-mile area, which started.  Before the storm, Colorado experienced a drought.  The flooding caused eight deaths, with over one billion in damages. In 1976, the Big Thompson Flood, in the first three hours, there were twelve inches of rain, with flash flooding killing 144 people with thirty-five million dollars of damages.

The agents of Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO, their clients encourages their clients to purchase life-sustaining flood insurance.  Please call!

Commercial Insurance to Protect Your Business

It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, what industry you work in or what type of company you run, every business has risks and concerns specific to them. That is in addition to the common threats that all businesses face as well. The agents at Maanen Insurance Group offer businesses in Greeley, CO and beyond, commercial insurance to help protect companies from these types of risk.

Commercial Insurance Specifically for Your Business

If your business doesn’t involve any dangerous activities or strenuous activity, then the type of commercial insurance coverage best suited for your needs would be different than that of a construction company. With commercial insurance, the layers and options available in packages and plans tailored for your business will be designed to meet your needs and cover your concerns.

Commercial Insurance for Every Business

While there are countless aspects and considerations for each specific business, there are also threats common to the livelihood, success, and operations of every business. Acts of God, catastrophic storms or criminally-related activities are all examples of threats that could potentially strike any company, anywhere and at any time. The right commercial insurance will offer added protection tailored to fit your business and also add a layer of protection to thwart the impact of the dangers that every business could potentially face.

If you do business in Greeley, CO or the surrounding area, reach out to a friendly, professional and experienced agent at the Maanen Insurance Group to find out more about commercial insurance or for any of your business insurance needs. We never want to need insurance, which is also why we get it. Getting the right insurance begins with meeting the needs, seen and unforeseen, of your business.

Do I really need a home inventory?

Living in Greeley, CO means being close to history and seeing the beautiful sights of nature, so many you may get used to them and forget to appreciate them after a while. But trouble can strike anywhere, and when you bought your homeowners policy from Maanen Insurance Group, you were being smart to protect yourself and your family from an unexpected loss.

You may be like many people who stopped here without making a list of all the valuables in your home. It seems like a huge job when making a list of all your possessions and their identifying markers. But if you ever suffer from a burglary or fire, that information may be invaluable when you try to make an insurance claim.

Why Need a Home Inventory

If you experienced a burglary, the person stealing your belongings was probably not careful when searching for something worth stealing. Your home is probably a mess, and it may be difficult to figure out exactly what is missing if you don’t have a list.

A fire would make the job even more difficult, and there will probably also be damage from attempts to put the fire out. It may not be safe for you to go through and try to list the damages.

Making an Inventory

Luckily, the job is not as difficult as it seems. One way to make it is easier is to walk around and take a video, zooming in on serial numbers and other identifiers. Then you can use an app or a simple spreadsheet to list the items at your leisure. 

If you have a home in Colorado, try to keep your home inventory somewhere safe so you can still get to it if something happens. If you have any questions or would like to talk about how to save money on youhomeowner’srs insurance, please feel free to call Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO today.

Is Worker’s Compensation Included in My Commercial Policy?

Commercial insurance policies include many different types of coverage. In Greeley, CO, businesses are required to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance as part of their coverage. This type of insurance is typically not included in commercial policies but may be covered as part of an umbrella policy. The agents at Maanen Insurance Group can answer any questions business owners have about both types of insurance coverage and what they include.

Injuries in the Workplace

Injuries in the workplace can have many causes. It’s essential to understand what type of liability the company has so that the right type of insurance can be purchased. While slip and fall injuries may be considered a Worker’s Compensation case, an injury sustained through the malfunctioning of a piece of equipment may also fall under a different form of liability. Both are valid, but it will be up to the insurance company to determine what type of insurance is used to cover the complaint.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation insurance is designed to cover both the medical expenses that resulted from the injury as well as the loss of wages while the employee is not allowed to return to work. Worker’s Compensation cases must be filed within certain deadlines to be valid and require medical documentation to be approved. Every employer is required by law to carry this type of insurance.

If you own a business in the Greeley, CO area, contact the agents of Maanen Insurance Group to get the information you need pertaining to commercial insurance and Worker’s Compensation coverage. Schedule your appointment today to ensure your business and your employees are fully covered. Agents are waiting to take your call!


Is Flood Insurance Beneficial for Every Homeowner?

Flood insurance is not always understood by many homeowners. Some homeowners think flooding is covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy when, in reality, that is not usually the case. Here at Maanen Insurance Group, serving the greater Greeley, CO area, we want everyone to understand more about flood insurance and who it is beneficial for. Here is some additional information about flood insurance. 

Is Flood Insurance Beneficial For Every Homeowner?

It is essential that you understand that flooding caused by storms, such as heavy rains or hurricanes, is not usually covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. If your basement were to flood due to heavy rains or a creek spills over its banks and floods your home, you would be on your own to fix it if you did not have flood insurance. Flood insurance can be an add-on to your existing homeowner’s insurance policy or a stand-alone plan, depending on who you purchase it from. 

Flood insurance is most beneficial to those who live in a flood plain or areas that are most susceptible to flooding. However, that does not mean that only those living in a flood plain should have flood insurance. Flooding can be unpredictable, and those areas that have never flooded before may suddenly flood. Having flood insurance helps to protect the investment you have in your home and protect your finances. As such, flood insurance can be beneficial for every homeowner. 

If you do not have flood insurance to cover your home, now is the perfect time to consider buying a policy. Here at Maanen Insurance Group, serving the greater Greeley, CO area, we can help you. Give us a call today and let us help you with your insurance needs whether you are in Colorado or one of the other many states we serve.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover A Vehicle Crashing Into The Building?

Physical locations of businesses face many hazards on a daily basis that require them to have top-notch insurance that will provide coverage. One of the hazards that many people don’t consider is that a vehicle could drive into the building and cause extensive damage.

Impact From A Vehicle

Although an impact from a vehicle is a less frequent occurrence, it still can happen any time of the night or day if the business is located in a first-floor building. If you have a brick and mortar business located on street level, you may need coverage from a vehicle impact to the building at some point. Finding coverage that will protect you from these damages as a result of the crash is critical to prevent financial losses. Work with an insurance agency that can guide you in the right direction to discover policy options that are going to protect you. 

Working With A Knowledgeable Agent

Finding the right insurance agency and agents is the key to getting the right type of coverage to protect you from vehicle impacts to your business. If you live in or around the Greeley, CO area, you should check out Maanen insurance Group. We have the knowledge and experience to show you options that will cover you in this type of situation and other less common, but possible scenarios. Our agents will take the time to consider your individual needs and help you get peace of mind.

If you are looking for insurance that will protect your brick and mortar business from a variety of hazards, you should call or stop by Maanen Insurance Group, serving the businesses in and around the Greeley, CO area. Don’t take chances. Get high-quality insurance you can count on when you need it most. 

6 Things to Know About Your Home Insurance

Having home insurance is a very important part of protecting your investment, whether it is a house that you have just moved to or one you have lived in for some time. As soon as you buy or build your new Greeley, CO home, you will want to make sure you have the right level of insurance, and if you already have a policy, you need to know it is right for you. You can get that information through Maanen Insurance Group. Here are six things you should know before you buy.

  1. Home insurance doesn’t cover every possibility
  2. You may need additional coverage depending on exactly where you live
  3. You should review your coverage limits every year
  4. Your insurance agent is a great resource when you have questions
  5. Your mortgage lender may require a certain level of insurance
  6. You should make sure you understand your policy

Never be afraid to ask plenty of questions about your home insurance policy. Your agent should be happy to give you all the information you need and will work with you to make sure you know what you have, what is covered, and what you may need an additional policy for. With all of that in mind, you want to make sure you have an agent you can rely on. Not knowing who to turn to when you have insurance questions can be stressful and frustrating, but the right company and agent takes all of that stress away. Whether you need a new policy, have to make a claim, or just have a question, you want to know who to turn to.

When it comes to protecting your Greeley, CO home, rely on Maanen Insurance Group to provide what you need. Reach out to us today, and let us help you get the coverage options that are right for your home, so you can have peace of mind.

How to Protect Your Commercial Fleet in Colorado

Business owners in Colorado may overlook the importance of comprehensive fleet insurance and opt instead for a primary commercial policy that may not offer the total insurance protection that they need. At Maanen Insurance Group, we are here to serve the commercial insurance needs of the business owners in the greater Greeley, CO area. Whether you own a fleet of semis, limousines, construction vehicles, or food trucks, we can help ensure that you have the insurance coverage that will protect your business interests. In addition to protecting the vehicles themselves, the right policy will also provide coverage in the event of accident or injury.

Comprehensive Commercial Fleet Insurance Provides the Protection Your Business Needs

If you provide your customers with regular delivery services, or your business revolves around transportation, whatever your industry, if you or your employees rely upon company-owned vehicles, comprehensive commercial fleet insurance is a must. Do not let an accident slow you down while you are sidelined during repair or replacement; there are many policy options available that will provide replacement rental vehicles that can keep you on the road. If your employees use their own vehicles for company business, there are policies available that will also cover those cars if an incident should occur on the clock. Construction companies and firms that have a mobile salesforce are just two examples of businesses that may not focus on transportation but still have a significant need for commercial fleet insurance. Now is the perfect time to make sure that your overall commercial coverage includes the protection that your vehicles need.

Is it time to review your vehicle coverage? Contact the team at Maanen Insurance Group today and make sure that your Greeley, CO business has the commercial fleet protection it needs!