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Auto Insurance

In some ways, auto insurance is rather simple, but it can become complicated when you are trying to figure out what is best, and balancing that with your budget. The professionals at MIG, headquartered in Greeley, CO, can help you get through the maze that is auto insurance and help you find what you need.

Most states require at least basic liability insurance, which is what everyone needs, but that is just a minimum. There are several other things to consider. There is also collision and comprehensive insurance that many people add as basic parts of a policy.

Collision insurance covers damage to another vehicle, caused by your vehicle. It can also cover damage to property caused by your vehicle. Comprehensive covers everything else, but it primarily covers your car if you are in a one-vehicle accident.

Many auto loans require that you have insurance beyond just liability. Most people need all three of those types of insurance, and there is also the option of coverage for uninsured motorists. Not everyone obeys the law after all. The value of your automobile, and how much you owe on it, will to a large degree determine what coverage you need. If your car is not worth much and is paid for, you might be ok with just liability coverage. Also keep in mind  there is a difference between market value and replacement cost on a vehicle.

At MIG, we can help you sort it all out and get the policy that is best for you and your situation. Each state has different requirements which our agents can help you sort. Give us a call today, or stop by, and talk with our friendly staff about your automobile insurance. Also, try our online rating tool for auto insurance quotes from your computer.


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