An Insured Home Is A Prepared Home

Many homeowners have experienced power outages and water disruptions that ranged from a mere inconvenience to a long-term catastrophe. It makes sense to store some water and nonperishable foods and to consider alternate means of power such as a generator for the house. It also makes sense to have sufficient home insurance coverage to assist in recovery following the emergencies we often face in this life. Reliable coverage includes some weather-related incidents, accident and injury, and liability.

Home Insurance in Colorado

Home insurance is not required by Colorado law, but then, neither are generators. Either could prove valuable at some point. Of course, your mortgage company may require home insurance. It rests with the homeowner to make wise decisions concerning methods for protecting a home. Give us a call at Maanen Insurance Group, and we’ll tell you what home insurance coverage you need. This way, you’ll be prepared for those possible and unfortunate eventualities. Planning prevents many expensive incidents, and it reduces the financial strain that could not be avoided.

Visit us at Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO where our experienced agents can research the best insurance available for your home, find discount packages, and set you up with reliable coverage that will see you through when life turns unpredictable. We proudly serve the Greeley, CO area and hope that all our neighbors have a safe and fun winter.

We know how important it is to prepare for weather events and accidents on your property. We can also answer questions that may help you make your home safer for your family and visitors. Safety takes planning, and planning takes knowledge. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you today.