Most Common Home Insurance Claims Filed in Colorado

The most frequently filed home policy claims provide a guide for how you can reinforce your home to be heartier, so Maanen Insurance Group serving Greeley, CO wants you to know what causes individuals to need to file claims here in Colorado. Your home does not have to incur damage although named perils still occur.

In Colorado, five named perils likely cause damage to your home:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Water

Thunderstorms, tornadoes, and other strong winds cause damage to your home. Hail also causes damage, stemming from thunderstorms. These storms cause average damage of $11,200. Roof damage tops the type of damage caused by these storms. The wind blows shingles off of the roof; hail knocks the shingles off or knocks dings and holes into the roof. You can have your roof reinforced after a roofing inspection. This adds a layer of protection to your home that makes it tougher for wind or hail to damage it.

Lightning also causes similar damage to roofs but also spawns fires. While this ranks as the second most common type of damage, it costs more. Fire damage claims cost nearly $80,000 on average. Fire damages the exterior and interior of the home as well as destroying property inside. You can add fire retardant protections to the inside and outside your home, including fire-resistant wallboard and paint.

The last most common damage type is water damage.  This occurs from snowmelt, rain, plumbing leaks, and burst pipes. The tears in your roof allow snowmelt or rain to enter the attic area or top floor if you have no attic. This causes damage to the home itself and the items inside. Conducting appropriate maintenance on your plumbing can help alleviate pipe bursts and related issues. The aforementioned roof reinforcement helps to prevent water damage from snowmelt and rain.

Learn more about how you can hazard proof your home by contacting Maanen Insurance Group serving Greeley CO and the surrounding area. Let us help you protect your home with homeowner’s insurance.

House Cleaning Tips for Winter

Cleaning your home for winter can save on energy costs and double work due to dust and debris buildup. The Maanen Insurance Group wants you to know that in Greeley, CO, you should start cleaning your home before winter, and here are you a few tips to help you get started.


Although you may regularly clean out the inside of the refrigerator, you may forget to clean the outside. The refrigerator coils are either located on the back or the bottom, depending on what type of fridge you own. Once you locate them, vacuum the dirt and debris from the coils. You may need to use a damp cloth to get some of the stubborn dirt off. If these coils go uncleaned, it can cause your refrigerator to work harder using more energy and decreasing the life of your appliance.


It’s a good time to clean your windows and glass doors before it gets too cold. Use a bucket of soapy water to clean your glass and once it dries, go over it with a window cleaning solution. A natural solution is a water mixed with vinegar and lemon juice.

Air Filters

Replace your air filters so that your home’s air continues to stay clean and fresh. The size of the filter is written in the old one. Just pull it out and replace it with a new one. You can find air filters at your local home improvement stores or online. Replacing the filters will also keep the dust level down, so you won’t have to vacuum or dust your furniture as often.

Do a deep clean before winter starts, so you can enjoy the season and if you’re in Greeley, CO, you can stop by Maanen Insurance Group to see what types of insurance coverage you can get for your home.

Importance of Updating Your Home Insurance

Like many homeowners, you may be in the habit of renewing your home insurance annually without taking time to review your policy. Home insurance, however, needs to be reviewed periodically to ensure your coverage is up to date. Changes in your home structure or personal lifestyle could alter your coverage, making it less effective in protecting your Greeley, CO property. By discussing home upgrades or lifestyle changes with your Maanen Insurance Group agent, you’ll have a better idea of when it’s necessary to update your policy. 

Home Renovations

Major home upgrades like a new back patio or kitchen remodel can increase your home’s value. If you insured your Greeley, CO home at a lower rate, you’ll need to increase your dwelling coverage to ensure your home is fully protected against any eventuality. Otherwise, you could be caught short in the event of a total loss. You’ll also need to add renovations to your coverage so they’ll be protected against damage or loss.

Some renovations like a new roof or upgrades in your electrical or plumbing system could qualify you for a discount on your home insurance as they lower your risk of water or fire damage. You can discuss possible discounts with your agent when you update your policy.

New Furniture/Appliances

If your renovations include the purchase of costly electronics or an upgrade in major appliances, you may need to increase the limits of your property coverage to protect these investments against theft or loss. By getting replacement cost coverage for valuable goods, you’ll be compensated for their full value if they are stolen or destroyed in a covered peril.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes like retirement, getting a dog or downgrading your home can also alter your home insurance or affect its cost. To update your policy and maintain the protection you need, contact Maanen Insurance Group today. 

Does Home Insurance Cover A Detached Garage?

Obtaining home insurance is a must when you’re in Greeley, CO. It ensures that you have protection over your home and everything that’s in it. If you have a detached garage, it’s essential to know that it is adequately protected. At Maanen Insurance Group, we can make sure you have a policy that is built specifically for your needs.

What does home insurance include?

Home insurance policies are innately the same, at first. They include coverage of:

  • Your home
  • The belongings in your home
  • Liability

Depending on the policy, it may or may not include other structures on your property, such as a detached garage. This is why it’s critical that you ensure that it is covered. Otherwise, if it is damaged in a storm, a fire, or something else, it may be your financial responsibility to repair it.

Whether the garage was there when you bought the home or it was recently built, you have to be sure that the insurance company states that it’s covered as part of your policy. Otherwise, claims involving the detached garage can be denied.

What are insurance add-ons?

Some add-ons can be included in your home insurance policy to provide customization. This allows you to include other structures on your property, higher levels of coverage for expensive belongings, and even different types of damage, such as wind or flooding.

To ensure that your home insurance policy includes your detached garage and anything else that may be on your property, you can use insurance add-ons to build the policy to your specifications.

When you’re ready to customize a home insurance policy in Greeley, CO, contact us at Maanen Insurance Group. One of our knowledgeable insurance agents will provide recommendations and help you to build a policy.


Does Home Insurance Cover Damage Caused By Wild Animals?

The terms and conditions of insurance policies are detailed and require an in-depth understanding of insurance protection. That is why it is essential to work with a skilled, professional insurance agent. They can answer all of your questions and help you find coverage that protects you from a variety of threats. For example, you may need protection from wild animals that may cause property damage if you live in certain parts of the country. An agent can help you find the policy that matches your needs in that situation.

Wild Animal Property Damage

In some parts of the country, damage as a result of wild animals is a common occurrence. Luckily, most home insurance policies cover wild animal damage as long as the animals is not a rodent such as rats and mice. Other common animals such as bears, deer, opposing, and raccoons can cause damage that is covered by a home insurance policy. To determine if a particular insurance policy provides wild animal damage protection, consult with your insurance agent before purchasing a policy.

Working With An Agent

If you are located in an area where wild animals are plentiful, you should make sure that you have an agent who is familiar with home insurance coverage that includes damage as a result of wild animals. Residents who live in and around the Greeley, CO area, should check out Maanen Insurance Group to get policy options and find out more about the limits of coverage as a result of animal damages. 

If you live in an area that is known for claims as a result of wild animals, then you should consult Maanen Insurance Group for more details about policy options. They proudly serve the residents of Greeley, CO and the surrounding areas. Call or stop by for more details.  

Do I really need a home inventory?

Living in Greeley, CO means being close to history and seeing the beautiful sights of nature, so many you may get used to them and forget to appreciate them after a while. But trouble can strike anywhere, and when you bought your homeowners policy from Maanen Insurance Group, you were being smart to protect yourself and your family from an unexpected loss.

You may be like many people who stopped here without making a list of all the valuables in your home. It seems like a huge job when making a list of all your possessions and their identifying markers. But if you ever suffer from a burglary or fire, that information may be invaluable when you try to make an insurance claim.

Why Need a Home Inventory

If you experienced a burglary, the person stealing your belongings was probably not careful when searching for something worth stealing. Your home is probably a mess, and it may be difficult to figure out exactly what is missing if you don’t have a list.

A fire would make the job even more difficult, and there will probably also be damage from attempts to put the fire out. It may not be safe for you to go through and try to list the damages.

Making an Inventory

Luckily, the job is not as difficult as it seems. One way to make it is easier is to walk around and take a video, zooming in on serial numbers and other identifiers. Then you can use an app or a simple spreadsheet to list the items at your leisure. 

If you have a home in Colorado, try to keep your home inventory somewhere safe so you can still get to it if something happens. If you have any questions or would like to talk about how to save money on youhomeowner’srs insurance, please feel free to call Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO today.

6 Things to Know About Your Home Insurance

Having home insurance is a very important part of protecting your investment, whether it is a house that you have just moved to or one you have lived in for some time. As soon as you buy or build your new Greeley, CO home, you will want to make sure you have the right level of insurance, and if you already have a policy, you need to know it is right for you. You can get that information through Maanen Insurance Group. Here are six things you should know before you buy.

  1. Home insurance doesn’t cover every possibility
  2. You may need additional coverage depending on exactly where you live
  3. You should review your coverage limits every year
  4. Your insurance agent is a great resource when you have questions
  5. Your mortgage lender may require a certain level of insurance
  6. You should make sure you understand your policy

Never be afraid to ask plenty of questions about your home insurance policy. Your agent should be happy to give you all the information you need and will work with you to make sure you know what you have, what is covered, and what you may need an additional policy for. With all of that in mind, you want to make sure you have an agent you can rely on. Not knowing who to turn to when you have insurance questions can be stressful and frustrating, but the right company and agent takes all of that stress away. Whether you need a new policy, have to make a claim, or just have a question, you want to know who to turn to.

When it comes to protecting your Greeley, CO home, rely on Maanen Insurance Group to provide what you need. Reach out to us today, and let us help you get the coverage options that are right for your home, so you can have peace of mind.

The Basics of Home Insurance

Buying a new home is an exciting time. Whether you have moved across town or to another city, a new home represents many new memories together as a family.  The first task, however, is to get the appropriate amount of home insurance. If you have a mortgage lender, they will stipulate the types and amounts of coverage that they require. This protects their investment in the property, but it also protects you as the homeowner. The agents at Maanen Insurance Group understands the needs of their clients in the Greeley, CO area. They can answer any questions that you may have and provide information on the policy options that are available to you. 

A basic home insurance policy will provide coverage in the event of damage from a fire or weather damage. It will also protect the contents of the home and your personal possessions. The policy will also provide liability protection should an individual be injured while on your property if you are deemed to have been negligent. It can cover their medical expenses and legal fees if they sue. These costs can potentially be exorbitant so being protected as a homeowner is important. 

There is a wide range of options available for homeowners, so it is essential to understand all of the terms. For instance, fair market value and replacement cost are two different options homeowners have. Regarding your personal costs, they present various advantages and disadvantages. Also, realize that flood damage is not covered by homeowners policies. If you are in an area that is at risk of flooding, you will need to consider additional flood insurance. The agents at Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO can help you understand the coverage options that are available and what is best for you. Get the coverage you need today!

Home Insurance is a Lifesaver With Unexpected Water Problems

Both new homes and older structures share the same risk: a loose fitting or a broken pipe can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage with leaking water. And the problem can be magnified if the leaking is on a second floor, dripping down through the floor onto the first-floor furniture and carpet. Most residential plumbing is designed to last for years, but if it is badly installed or the fittings have aged significantly, the results can be the same. And once water under pressure finds a leak, it doesn’t back off. The water will continue to flow and widen the hole until the source is shut off, usually well after the damage has occurred for a quite a period of time.

Water damage can be particularly bad because, like fire, it spreads and permanently ruins what ends up in direct contact with the moisture. Worse, water can also lead to mold damage, which can create greater problems both with staining as well as causing a toxic environment. No surprise then, cleanup has to be comprehensive and detailed, making sure all the damage is collected and repaired, not just what is immediately visible.

Because water damage can be a real risk in homes, homeowner’s insurance typically covers the risk. However, generic policies may not be enough, especially in areas that freeze during the winter which can be a major cause of pipes bursting into a home. The Maanen Insurance Group can help Greeley, CO residents find the right policy for their needs and ensure that coverage is complete. Homeowners don’t need to play a guessing game with their home’s protection; call the Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO today and be comfortably protected in winter or summer, regardless of what might occur with plumbing in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and surrounding areas.

An Insured Home Is A Prepared Home

Many homeowners have experienced power outages and water disruptions that ranged from a mere inconvenience to a long-term catastrophe. It makes sense to store some water and nonperishable foods and to consider alternate means of power such as a generator for the house. It also makes sense to have sufficient home insurance coverage to assist in recovery following the emergencies we often face in this life. Reliable coverage includes some weather-related incidents, accident and injury, and liability.

Home Insurance in Colorado

Home insurance is not required by Colorado law, but then, neither are generators. Either could prove valuable at some point. Of course, your mortgage company may require home insurance. It rests with the homeowner to make wise decisions concerning methods for protecting a home. Give us a call at Maanen Insurance Group, and we’ll tell you what home insurance coverage you need. This way, you’ll be prepared for those possible and unfortunate eventualities. Planning prevents many expensive incidents, and it reduces the financial strain that could not be avoided.

Visit us at Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO where our experienced agents can research the best insurance available for your home, find discount packages, and set you up with reliable coverage that will see you through when life turns unpredictable. We proudly serve the Greeley, CO area and hope that all our neighbors have a safe and fun winter.

We know how important it is to prepare for weather events and accidents on your property. We can also answer questions that may help you make your home safer for your family and visitors. Safety takes planning, and planning takes knowledge. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you today.