A Successful Business Must Have Commercial Insurance

Every successful business has a story. How they started, where they are, and where they are headed. In all this planning, a disaster could bring everything to a standstill or damage the smooth progress. Maanen Insurance Group is dedicated to mitigating such unforeseen disasters. We understand the risks involved in running a business and want Greeley, CO investors to continue with stories for future generations to appreciate and learn. 

Commercial insurance is not only confined to protecting your business from natural catastrophes. It is also designed to safeguard your investment from specific risks such as employee malpractice. In Colorado, most business insurance policies are options while a few are mandatory. The primary types of commercial insurance coverage include general liability, employees’ compensation, and property. Most businesses in the state of Colorado have them in their insurance package.

General Liability

While running a business, injuries can occur unexpectedly on your premises. If this results in damages or injury to third parties, then insurance can take care of you. If the costs or injury was a result of negligence, then the general liability safeguards your business from lawsuits, fines, and other expenses.

Property Insurance

When fires and other disasters strike your business, it results in a substantial amount of losses to both the building structure and the items inside. This is where property insurance becomes vital. It protects your business building, inventory, and exterior landscape. Moreover, the coverage can also include breakage and theft.

Employees’ Compensation

In your business, you have employees who depend on wages. In case of injuries or sickness, the worker’s or employees’ compensation compensate them for the lost salaries. The coverage ensures that you don’t suffer losses from disaster since the Maanen Insurance Group compensates wages. 

There are many other commercial insurance options available. We take pride in serving Greeley, CO business community. Please contact us for more information. Our agents can provide you with a quote and answer your questions.