The Impact of a Speeding Ticket on Colorado Auto Insurance

When you get a speeding ticket in Colorado, of course, the cost of the ticket will be a stress on your mind. But there are other ramifications to getting a speeding ticket in Colorado that you will also consider.

The impact of a speeding ticket on your Colorado auto insurance could also be steep, but it will depend on the circumstances. It does not mean that you won’t be able to get car insurance again.

At Maanen Insurance Group, we want Greeley, CO drivers to get the coverage they need, regardless of their driving record. We can help.

The Cost of Speeding Tickets

The actual cost of your speeding ticket is never going to be the actual cost. You are going to see a hike in your insurance premiums as well. This is just how the system works.

In Colorado, however, you have to be careful of the rate of your speed. Any conviction for speeding over 25 miles an hour could result in a criminal misdemeanor charge, large fines, and potential jail time.

If you don’t have a ticket that bad, you will still get demerit points on your license and will see changes to your insurance premiums.

This all becomes part of your driving record which is used by auto insurance companies to determine the cost of your premiums. 

The Impact on Your Car Insurance

You are not required to tell your car insurance company when you get a ticket when it happens. Most people don’t. It is likely that they will find out when your policy renews though.

You can expect a hike of approximately 25 percent on your car insurance after a speeding ticket of any size.
Depending on the problem with your ticket, you may also be considered a high-risk driver. That could mean an additional impact on insurance premiums. 

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