Buying A New Home? When Do You Need To Procure Homeowners Insurance

Don’t Put The Cart Before The Horse.

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting experiences a human being can have. There’s indeed a thrill no matter how many times you’ve sat at the table to close the deal on your new or newest home. A new beginning. Maanen Insurance Group has a professional team to assist you in insuring the brand new opportunity inherent in your home. Colorado, as well as many states, require that you have home insurance before your closing date.

Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO has a staff that’s efficient and proficient in many insurance policy needs. Home insurance is not the only insurance that they provide service for. However, the professionalism demonstrated will make you think it is their specialty. Many home insurance needs are unique to the individual’s situation.

There are some general options that you will note on a multitude of policies. Colorado and other states have standard options that include:

  • coverage for your dwelling
  • coverage for personal loss
  • coverage for others on your property
  • coverage for other structures on your property

Greeley, CO Residents are Our Neighbors

This beautiful area has a heart as well. Residents take pride in their homes and look out for their neighbors. An insurance company that looks out for you is key to a great home insurance experience. Staff at a quality home insurance agency will let you know if you need additional coverages or riders on your policy. Your home insurance policy should be as individual as you are.

Contact the staff at Maanen Insurance Group by phone or email. We will help you navigate the home insurance acquisition process.