Three mistakes to avoid when you purchase flood insurance in Colorado

Homeowners in Greeley, CO need to purchase flood insurance to protect the financial investments they make in their properties. We can provide flood insurance to you at Maanen Insurance Group.

The following are three mistakes to avoid when you purchase flood insurance in Colorado.

Being unaware of your property’s flood risk

One of the most important things you need to do when you’re shopping for flood insurance is look up the flood zone and flood risk of your property. The flood risk in your area should give you an idea of what you should expect to pay for your flood insurance premiums.

The more at risk you are to experience flooding at your property, the higher your flood insurance premiums will be. 

Failing to explore FEMA subsidized options

If you’re in a high-risk flood zone, you might find that flood insurance coverage options are unaffordable. In certain high-risk areas, you might not even be able to get standard flood insurance. However, you may be able to get FEMA subsidized coverage if you are in a high-risk area. 

Do your research and find out about FEMA sponsored resources when you’re looking for coverage. 

Buying an inadequate amount of coverage

If you don’t invest in enough coverage, you could be financially devasted by a flood. Calculate the coverage amount you need carefully. Ideally, you want to have enough coverage to fully insure both your property and your possessions. 

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