Home Insurance is a Lifesaver With Unexpected Water Problems

Both new homes and older structures share the same risk: a loose fitting or a broken pipe can quickly cause thousands of dollars of damage with leaking water. And the problem can be magnified if the leaking is on a second floor, dripping down through the floor onto the first-floor furniture and carpet. Most residential plumbing is designed to last for years, but if it is badly installed or the fittings have aged significantly, the results can be the same. And once water under pressure finds a leak, it doesn’t back off. The water will continue to flow and widen the hole until the source is shut off, usually well after the damage has occurred for a quite a period of time.

Water damage can be particularly bad because, like fire, it spreads and permanently ruins what ends up in direct contact with the moisture. Worse, water can also lead to mold damage, which can create greater problems both with staining as well as causing a toxic environment. No surprise then, cleanup has to be comprehensive and detailed, making sure all the damage is collected and repaired, not just what is immediately visible.

Because water damage can be a real risk in homes, homeowner’s insurance typically covers the risk. However, generic policies may not be enough, especially in areas that freeze during the winter which can be a major cause of pipes bursting into a home. The Maanen Insurance Group can help Greeley, CO residents find the right policy for their needs and ensure that coverage is complete. Homeowners don’t need to play a guessing game with their home’s protection; call the Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO today and be comfortably protected in winter or summer, regardless of what might occur with plumbing in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and surrounding areas.