How to Assess Flood Risk in Greeley, CO

Whether you’re a potential transplant considering making your home in a new town or you’re a long-time resident, you should always know the flood risk level of any home you own or plan on owning.

FEMA maintains a website where you can sort through flood risk maps by location. If you want a reliable resource from a government source, start here. Updates to the map are also dependent on the local floodplain coordinators, so maps from different areas may not be the same age. If you search for Greeley, CO where Maanen Insurance Group is proud to offer flood insurance brokerage, you can see maps ranging from a few years old to less than a year old. Once you find the grid with your home in it, you can see the exact locations of flood risk zones and other features relevant to assessing flood risk.

For a faster breakdown of information from a wider range of sources, FloodFactor is an easy online tool made by a non-profit and relied on by notable real estate companies. The information is quickly broken down into a digestible format whether you look at a house, a city, or a larger area. With the adjustable map, you can see the same information available on the FEMA site with zoom and scroll features. While the more user-friendly of the two features, you should use both to double-check.

Even if these websites didn’t have sobering facts, like that there are over 700 homes in Greeley, CO with over a 26% chance of a flood within 30 years, there is a chance that flooding could happen. Maanen Insurance Group can pair you with the right flood insurance policy to protect your home from a risk that is nearly inevitable over time but still could happen at any moment without warning.