Do I really need a home inventory?

Living in Greeley, CO means being close to history and seeing the beautiful sights of nature, so many you may get used to them and forget to appreciate them after a while. But trouble can strike anywhere, and when you bought your homeowners policy from Maanen Insurance Group, you were being smart to protect yourself and your family from an unexpected loss.

You may be like many people who stopped here without making a list of all the valuables in your home. It seems like a huge job when making a list of all your possessions and their identifying markers. But if you ever suffer from a burglary or fire, that information may be invaluable when you try to make an insurance claim.

Why Need a Home Inventory

If you experienced a burglary, the person stealing your belongings was probably not careful when searching for something worth stealing. Your home is probably a mess, and it may be difficult to figure out exactly what is missing if you don’t have a list.

A fire would make the job even more difficult, and there will probably also be damage from attempts to put the fire out. It may not be safe for you to go through and try to list the damages.

Making an Inventory

Luckily, the job is not as difficult as it seems. One way to make it is easier is to walk around and take a video, zooming in on serial numbers and other identifiers. Then you can use an app or a simple spreadsheet to list the items at your leisure. 

If you have a home in Colorado, try to keep your home inventory somewhere safe so you can still get to it if something happens. If you have any questions or would like to talk about how to save money on youhomeowner’srs insurance, please feel free to call Maanen Insurance Group in Greeley, CO today.