5 Ways to Prepare Your Small Business for a Disaster

Disaster prep is an important aspect of growing a business. In addition to insuring your Greeley, CO business with commercial coverage from Maanen Insurance Group, there are measures you can take to prepare for a disaster. Advanced preparation could be the key to keeping your business going after a major disaster.

Create a Disaster Plan

Create a disaster plan that addresses such issues as a chain of command, employee responsibilities, business operations if your workplace is compromised, evacuation routes, communications, and more. Your plan should outline procedures for continuing after a disaster. Your employees should be familiar and comfortable with these procedures to avoid delays in implementation.

Develop a Plan for Communicating After a Crisis

Develop a plan for communicating with your employees and customers after a disaster. Make sure someone is in charge of checking on the health and safety of your employees. A team should also be in charge of communicating with customers to keep them informed on the status of your business. This could be done through emails, social media or press releases.

Back-Up Essential Business Data

Make sure you have copies of essential business documents stored in a safe, off-site location as well as in the cloud. This includes employee and customer data, payroll information, tax forms, insurance forms and other essential data.

Review Commercial Coverage

Review your commercial insurance policy often to ensure you have adequate coverage. As your business grows, you may need to adjust your coverage to keep up with the needs of your enterprise.  

Set Up a Disaster Fund

Set up a disaster fund to help cover payroll and urgent business expenses in case your business isn’t able to generate income for days or weeks following a disaster.

To purchase commercial insurance to protect your Greeley, CO business from disasters, contact Maanen Insurance Group.