Potential Forms of Flood Damage

Floodwaters can create far more than just water damage to belongings and wallboard. It can cause mold, mildew, and require air and HVAC treatment of the ductwork. This blog from Maanen Insurance Group of Greeley, CO explains the types of damage flooding can cause and the appropriate professional to call for cleanup.

Water Damage

Water damage can happen in several ways. Pipes might burst, or plumbing or appliances can back up. Rains and winds can cause damage from severe storms. An accident can cause a hole in the ceiling that allows water infiltration. There is a variety of ways that water can cause issues.

The damage is not merely the water stains on furniture, walls, drapes, etc. You can also sustain the following:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Debris and spores in the HVAC

That probably sounds gross, but a typical standard home policy, also known as an HO-3, covers your damage and repairs whether it was caused by snowmelt, water overflow discharge, or your water heater giving out. You usually also have coverage if your damage came from frozen pipes. If you chose an HO-1 or HO-8, the coverage is more limited. You still need to conduct the cleanup, even if you have to pay out-of-pocket because of the health dangers to you and your family.

Cleaning It Up

Cleaning up after the flood requires hiring a professional. These individuals use special equipment like industrial fans to dry the area. They will also use high-powered vacuums to clean out the HVAC system in your home, ensuring no flood debris or mold spores remain in your ductwork.

They also dry and sanitize all the salvageable items. You separate the damaged items from the rest of your belongings. The professional cleaners dry the piece thoroughly, then use an industrial-grade sanitizing liquid to remove all traces of mold and mildew.

You may lose a few keepsakes if the water damage is too egregious. Some items cannot be saved.

If the water damaged the home’s walls, the cleanup crew might have to demolish the existing walls and rebuild them. Particleboard molds and mildews easily. Water can seep through it and cause mold and mildew inside the wall. This creates a serious health risk. The cleanup team tests the interior of the walls for mold and mildew. If present, they conduct drying and sanitizing before replacing your particleboard.

Check with Maanen Insurance Group of Greeley, CO before you phone a cleanup crew. We can help you speed the process by advising you on which cleanup services accept our insurance and by beginning your insurance claim immediately. Call Maanen today to learn more about how home insurance protects you from a flooded water heater or the snow that broke through your ceiling.