Does Commercial Insurance Cover A Vehicle Crashing Into The Building?

Physical locations of businesses face many hazards on a daily basis that require them to have top-notch insurance that will provide coverage. One of the hazards that many people don’t consider is that a vehicle could drive into the building and cause extensive damage.

Impact From A Vehicle

Although an impact from a vehicle is a less frequent occurrence, it still can happen any time of the night or day if the business is located in a first-floor building. If you have a brick and mortar business located on street level, you may need coverage from a vehicle impact to the building at some point. Finding coverage that will protect you from these damages as a result of the crash is critical to prevent financial losses. Work with an insurance agency that can guide you in the right direction to discover policy options that are going to protect you. 

Working With A Knowledgeable Agent

Finding the right insurance agency and agents is the key to getting the right type of coverage to protect you from vehicle impacts to your business. If you live in or around the Greeley, CO area, you should check out Maanen insurance Group. We have the knowledge and experience to show you options that will cover you in this type of situation and other less common, but possible scenarios. Our agents will take the time to consider your individual needs and help you get peace of mind.

If you are looking for insurance that will protect your brick and mortar business from a variety of hazards, you should call or stop by Maanen Insurance Group, serving the businesses in and around the Greeley, CO area. Don’t take chances. Get high-quality insurance you can count on when you need it most.