What Does Commercial Property Insurance Do?

Commercial property insurance is not a requirement by law for those living in Greeley, CO, but it can help protect you in various situations. If you own retail space, for example, that you rent out to others, this can indemnify you if you have to seek legal action due to nonpayment. Other problems can arise, such as property damage for which repairs are needed or disputes between you and the other party. 

Commercial property insurance is a good option for many business sectors, including automobile repair, wholesale retailers, and companies that house their offices in a building instead of remotely employing workers. Warehouse owners, distributors, and shop owners can also benefit.

Inventory can be stored in sheds, barns, or other structures, and these can suffer loss when affected by the fire. You may also temporarily lose income, and property insurance can help restore some of this to you. Your Maanen Insurance Group representative can review this benefit’s particulars with you. 

If you own a store and come into contact with the general public, you risk a customer slipping and falling and injuring themselves. Your commercial property insurance helps cover costs related to their medical expenses and lost wages. 

High winds or heavy winds can also affect your building, and if you live in an area prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, these can cause severe financial outlay. Commercial property insurance also helps you when you are a victim of theft or of vandalism to keep these costs from coming out of pocket. 

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