Flood-Proof Your Investments with 5 Expert Flood Insurance Tips

Living in a flood-prone area such as Greeley, CO, can be both rewarding and potentially risky. The captivating landscapes and closeness to nature can often obscure the hidden dangers of potential flooding until it becomes too late. Learn how to protect your home from flooding with the trusted local specialists at Maanen Insurance Group.

1. Determine Your Flood Risk

The key to protecting your investments starts with understanding your flood risk. A reputable insurance agency can help you judge your property’s vulnerability to flooding based on crucial factors such as location, elevation, historical flood patterns, and proximity to water sources.

2. Understand the Importance of Flood Insurance

Many new homeowners in Greeley, CO, mistake that flood insurance comes bundled with their homeowner’s insurance policy. Unfortunately, not all home insurance policies provide cover for natural calamities and flooding. Consult with a trusted local insurance agent to gain insights about your coverage options.

3. Regularly Review Your Flood Insurance Policy

It is paramount for homeowners to understand that their insurance needs may change along with the shifts in their everyday lives. Adding or removing home features, property renovations, or updates to local flood maps can all contribute to your flood insurance requirements.

4. Amend Coverage as Needed

Once you’ve reviewed your flood insurance policy and determined areas requiring attention, explore options to add supplemental coverages. Consult your insurance agent on how to obtain coverage for structural damage and personal property.

5. Secure a Comprehensive Flood Insurance Quote

Please don’t delay protecting your home, belongings, and family from the devastating effects of sudden flooding, floods resulting from natural disasters, and structural flooding. Contact the knowledgeable and amicable insurance agents at Maanen Insurance Group to get a comprehensive quote today!