Do you need Commercial Insurance for a Home-Based Business in Greeley CO?

Many professionals operate from home and have homeowner’s insurance. However, this doesn’t cover legal suits or negligence charges. Accountants, attorneys, and brokers working from home need commercial liability insurance. Contact your Maanen Insurance Group agent in Greeley, CO to find out whether you need commercial insurance for your home-based business.

When Does Your Home-Based Business Need Commercial Liability?

If you have a business you run from your home or are planning to start one, don’t assume your homeowner’s insurance policy will provide sufficient coverage. A commercial insurance policy can protect your business against liability claims, fraud, theft, vandalism, and employee injuries. Some of the coverage options included are:

  • Property and liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Business auto and crime insurance

Liability Coverage for Home Businesses

If a disgruntled client or employee tries to sue you, you can protect your home and other valuable assets with business liability insurance. Homeowners and umbrella policies don’t cover incidents that take place in a home-based business. Instead, get business liability coverage to cover injuries and property damages that result from a business-related activity. This type of policy is a financial buffer that can help you replace lost property or a loss of income.


You can cover your businesses that involve personal services like music lessons, tutoring, consults for weddings, catering, and arts and crafts, among others. Photographers, accountants, lawyers, doctors and real estate agents that operate from their home could benefit from commercial liability insurance.

How Do I Qualify for Commercial Insurance for a Home Business?

Here are just some of the considerations for whether you need liability insurance specific to a home-based business.

  • Where do you do business and what’s the building’s primary use?
  • Do you own and operate the business?
  • How many employees do you have?
  • Does your business include home care services?
  • Do you display a business sign?

Call your Maanen Insurance Group agent in Greeley, CO to decipher the answers to these questions and to make an appointment for a free consultation and quote.