Is It Time to Update My Home Insurance Policy?

After working so hard to own your home, buying home insurance is the next best decision you can make. Since you’ve probably spent your entire savings building that home, it makes sense to invest in home insurance to secure your home. However, after buying a home insurance policy, it doesn’t mean you forget about your coverage. With house improvements that happen from time to time, your policy can become inadequate and leave you vulnerable to losses. 

To that end, it’s paramount to keep updating your home insurance from time to time. Wondering when to update your insurance? Maanen Insurance Group got you. Here are the reasons why you should review your home insurance.

You’ve remodeled your home

When you upgrade your roof, kitchen, or add a bathroom, you must let your insurance agent know. Home improvements have a significant impact on the value of your home, and your coverage needs adjustment to cover the upgrade adequately. While your premium may rise by a few dollars, it’s essential to have the right coverage in the event of a claim.

You’ve sold or bought an expensive item

In addition to covering your structure, your home insurance covers your belongings to a specific limit. As you purchase new items and sell out others, you must update your insurance to cover these changes.

You’ve purchased a new pet

Home insurance provides liability coverage in case of a dog bite. If you welcome a new pet in your home, you should update your insurance to include your pet in your liability claim.

Home insurance in Greeley, CO

Folks, there you have it. There are tons of reasons why you need to upgrade your home insurance. If you’ve made any change in your home, and you are unsure whether you need an upgrade, talk to your insurance agent for clarification.

Ready to upgrade your insurance? Please contact Maanen Insurance Group to initiate the conversation.