How to Increase the Chances of Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Being Approved

The necessity to file a homeowners insurance claim can be a stressful one, regardless of your reason for filing. Ensuring your claim is submitted and approved quickly can alleviate some of your stress. However, there is no way to guarantee that your claim will be approved because it’s at the discretion of your insurance company to approve or deny it. Even though you can’t guarantee your claim will be approved, there are ways to increase your chances of approval. Here are some tips for increasing your chances of having your homeowner’s insurance claim approved:

Be as Thorough as Possible

The more thorough you are when submitting your claim, the more likely your insurance agency will process and approve it quickly. What does being thorough entail? Providing details of what happened, along with any proof. Answering all questions thoroughly, documenting the incident carefully, taking clear photographs, and more. 

Being Responsive and Cooperative

Once you have submitted your claim, your adjuster may need to ask you questions. The more responsive and cooperative you are, the quicker your claim can be completed and approved. Insurance agencies don’t want to waste unnecessary time on claims but must perform thorough investigations. Part of their investigation includes interviewing you, which is why your responsiveness and cooperation can be helpful.

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