Home Security Technology Options

Home security systems have come a long way from the days of the night watchmen who would walk neighborhoods ensuring homes were locked. With new technology and lower prices, Greeley, CO homeowners have many home security options available to them. Here is a list of some different home security technology options available for homeowners. 

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Full-Service Systems

Several companies offer full-service systems, which include central monitoring. Many of these systems have remote access, video surveillance, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, and medical emergency alerts. Some even offer home-automation tools for controlling heating, cooling, and appliances while you are away from home. 

DIY Systems

If you are tech-savvy, there are starter packs you can purchase and set up in your home yourself. Using DIY security products allows you to create a personalized security system using different products and monitor yourself. 

Smart Cameras

There are many styles of smart cameras available, including those attached to flood flights and doorbells. These cameras can be set to record continuously or set to active when they sense motion. In addition, recordings from these cameras can be accessed through specific apps. 

Home Automation

Setting up your home to be controlled by your phone when you are not home can be used as a deterrent. For example, switching lights on and off, turning on televisions and radios can deter burglars by making it look like someone is home. 

Keyless Entry Systems

Doors can be set to unlock using a code or with a smartphone. Keyless locks allow you to grant access to someone without the need to leave a key outside for burglars to find. 

Homeowners in Greeley, CO, have many options available to use to protect their home. For additional information about homeowners policies and safeguard your home, call Maanen Insurance Group.