How Likely Is A Flood In Greeley, CO?

Greeley, CO is mountain country, and when you tell an outsider that flooding is still a concern at these high altitudes, their responses tend to range from surprised to skeptical. But Maanen Insurance Group will be the first to tell you that it’s more likely than you might think. Up in Colorado we may not have the same risk of sea-level flooding as a coastal town does, but when you’re surrounded by lakes and snowy mountain tops and towns situated in valleys, well, we get heavy rains here, too.

In fact, the colder climate in Colorado has contributed to notable floods in the past, such as the 2013 Colorado floods, which resulted directly from a clash between a stalled cold front with a warm monsoon air over Colorado. Weather can be kind of weird. To a layman, the obvious culprits for flooding are busted dams, tidal waves and hurricanes. Colorado has proven time and again that there are a lot more possible causes for a flood than you could count without a spreadsheet.

So the short answer to the question of "how likely is a flood in Greeley, CO?" is "You’d be surprised.

There’s no way to prevent a flood, of course, and only so much you can do to prepare for one. It’s a good idea to keep some canned food stocked up in your home and make sure you have a plan should you need to evacuate, but most of all, you should give Maanen Insurance Group a call and make sure your home is covered. Without a good policy, a flood can turn you from homeowner to renter in seconds flat.