Who should get flood insurance?

If you are a property owner in the Greeley, CO area you can enjoy a wide range of long-term benefits. For those that do own their own property here, it continues to be very important to get the right insurance in place. One form of insurance that should be considered if you live here is flood insurance. There are a variety of situations when someone here should get flood insurance for their home in Greeley.

When Required by Lender

One situation when you should get flood insurance is when it is required by your lender. Mortgage lenders are well aware of the value that is provided by a flood insurance policy. Due to this, they want to ensure that people who are at risk of flood damage will have the coverage and protection in place that they need. If you are located in a flood zone, there is a very good chance that your lender will require that you carry full insurance at all times. 

When Looking to Protect Home

Another reason that you should get flood insurance is that it can help to protect your home. Depending on if you have a mortgage or the type of mortgage that you have, getting flood insurance may not be a lender requirement. However, you should still obtain this coverage if you want to protect your property as well as possible.

Ultimately, getting flood insurance can be a great option for anyone that wants to protect their home against the potential damage that could come with a flood. If you are going to get this insurance here in the Greeley, CO area, you should contact the Maanen Insurance Group. At the Maanen Insurance Group, you can learn a lot more about your options when it comes to flood insurance.